Terms and condition


Returns must be approved by one of Best Price Hydroponic's authorized officers. Sender will assume costs related to transportation of goods returned or will give them to Best Price Hydroponic's delivery personal upon receipt of another order. We do not accept trimmers returns anymore.

Conditions for good returns are as follows: 15% restocking fees will be charged for non defective merchandise returned within one month of its purchase in its original packaging, free of Price tag and clean. 25% restocking fees will be charged for return of outdated, broken and/or labelled merchandise. We don't accept returns for trimmers.

Claims towards Best Price Hydroponic

The customer must advise any discrepancies between the merchandise received and the invoice within 24 hours of receiving the merchandise.

Price change

All prices are subject to change without notice. Please contact our sales department for current prices or discounts.

Claims towards carrier

Carrier is responsible for all merchandise entrusted to him therefore all damages or claims must be directed to him. The customer is responsible for the inspection of the shipment and must signify in writing on the freight bill any damages and must obtain the driver's signature.

Transport / Freight Policies

Freight charges will always be at the lowest cost possible. If the customer wants his order sooner, he will assume any additional charges. Tailgate charges will be assumed by the customer.All orders are shipped F.O.B. from the warehouse, unless specified otherwise. If the customer wishes to choose his carrier, he will have to notify the representative when giving his order, otherwise Best Price Hydroponic will take the liberty of choosing a carrier to ship the merchandise. All shipments will be insured unless specified otherwise. Products excluded from general politics: Flood tables, pots, Hydroton and potting soils. Those are subject to specific transportation charges. Ask your representative when you place your order.